Monday, May 23, 2011

Post Graduation: 5-23-11

Its official, Kaitie is out of high school.  I surprised myself by not crying.  That is really unusual for me but the ceremony was so large and almost impersonal.  I just could not get into it from an emotional view point.  I hope that doesn't make me a bad Mom. Kaitie ran off with her friends before I could really give her a huge hug.  I did finally get one and then I had to face a mass exodus of about 2500 plus people from the parking lot.  I mean really!  It was insane.  We celebrated briefly with cake and balloons and roses and then she was gone.  The parties are in full swing and it seems non stop.  I do remember my graduation and I too was a person in absentia for weeks on end :)  Good for you Kaitlyn!  Enjoy this time with your friends.  Soon everyone will be heading in different directions.

I finally came up for air on Sunday and got some studio time in.  I finished a piece called Vernal Pools from my Claiming Sanctuary series.  I also started a piece for an extra special Mom.  Here you see the papers I selected and these are adhered to a masonite board (cradled).  They may or may not be seen in the final work.  Next I will add more texture with coats of acrylic paint and perhaps some thicker media like molding paste or I don't know, whatever moves me.  There will be some drawing too.  Can't wait to get going on it. And finally,I will be in the Art of the Land benefit once again.  I finally finished the paper work (porcrastinated till the last minute as usual.  The Raue Gallery also send me notice that I can submit this year for a gallery show with them.  Lots cooking!  Teaching a collage class tonight too called Spring Scape.  Then I am taking a break (teaching break) till August.



Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald said...

Hi Kathy,
Can't wait to see this piece the blues!

Jim Decker said...

Like your work pieces. Congratulations on the mom - graduate thing as well.

Kathy L said...

Thanks Jim and Jo-Ann. This post seems like it was so long ago! Have since finished the work and helped Kaitie sign up for our local community college!