Saturday, January 15, 2011

A portrait: "After Odilon" - 1/15/11

After Odilon
The portrait...first one I have done in a very long time, first one I have done where I tried to copy a great Master.  I changed the hair, or rather, I gave her hair..but she still does enough come close to Redon's "Girl."  Her proportions are so off...  This was the one that I was going to throw out, but decided to show it anyway.  It all part of new growth on my part...searching for a style still...  What I learned in this past wee...I need to loosen up and try to interpret what I am seeing rather then try to copy exactly.  I just can't do it.  It is not in my nature :(   So its time to move on....  Tomorrow will be a long day...Ballet auditions are on-going for my twins....



ramona said...

Oh, this is wonderful kathy! Just love it!
I feel sometimes that I would like to be more loose and expressive in my work and that it's not in my nature , but I think that I have been drawing one way for so long that I just needed to be shown other ways to express myself . Doing quick gestural drawings helps with this. Time them 1 min. 2 min. etc and also contour drawings. HUGE help.

Palma said...

I love this drawing. You say that the proportions are a little off, but I like that about this drawing. I have given up on fruit! It's a good thing that we have until April (?), to atch the videos.