Sunday, August 22, 2010

Productive Weekend: 8-22-10

And that is just what it has been.  My good art friend, Lucy, owner of The Studio in McHenry, sent me a sweet little message letting me know that the fall schedule of art classes is underway and asking if I would like to book some fall classes to teach at The Studio.  Oh heck yea I would, especially since I have stopped feeling sorry for myself, picked up my self esteem, and got back to work.  With that gentle nudge, I have been at my desk, both yesterday and today, flushing out classes and moving forward with ideas.  I tend to multi task, not very well actually, and so I don't have any pictures just yet to show but I am working on it. Once classes are approved and scheduled I will post here (on the The Studio Classes page).  I am finally motivated to get moving on class samples and finish off that 12 by 12 inch piece I started for The Art of the Land show.  Finally, the found art piece, posted below, is wrapped nicely and still sitting on the kitchen table.  I have not "found" the "perfect" spot to leave it yet.  Sigh...


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Healing Woman said...

I become class or show motivated too. I do my best work right before I leave for a show. I think there is just something about that deadline that forces the creative spirit out of us! You'll have a great time with your classes.