Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kelly Rae's E-Book Series

I just wanted to give a little plug to a wonderful series of E-Books that Kelly Rae Roberts put together after her 5 week Class called Flying Lessons.  As I was taking the classes, my computer crashed.  I can't tell you how extremely frustrated I was and very saddened that I could not finish the class (I missed out on the last two sessions).  Kelly published E-Books for the class and I managed to get the class done.  I am so glad that I purchased her series because I now have excellent references for future business expansion.  The tips she gave on web resources were invaluable to me.  Some of her suggestions are out of my realm because I can't afford the time nor dollars to build my own website (for example) but many other tips were greatly appreciated.  If you are the creative type and wanting to start or expand a web based business and presence, these books are wonderful.  I have a link on the side if you are interested in taking a peek.

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