Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Class Outlines Completed...8-24-10

Today, well today was a wash.I am getting my class room ready for our pre-k open house tomorrow and well doing some general house cleaning.  Curriculum has to be prepped for the first week back (day after Labor Day) and that is what I was doing today.  The director of the pre- school told me I have a 9 in my class (there is still room for one more).  I am excited to meet the children.  At 5, well you know how eager they are to learn (for the most part).  I love introducing them to stories that they have never heard before like the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Native American tales and so forth.  I often tell the stories without a book and play act them.  The kids love it.  In their free time, I will see them playing Nutcracker or being a coyote etc...  It won't be long now so I better get some art finished.  If my computer had not crashed, I could have gone right into the school year effortlessly.  But you guessed it, all of my pre-k files are gone.  Sigh.....

The classes that I hope to teach at The Studio this fall and into winter are all outlined and ready to be reviewed by Lucy.  I should be ready to promote these on my blog by Friday.  I hope to do another Artistic Dialogues class (journal class) right off the bat in September.  Plus I want to offer the collage crate class again.  Making this crate will really help sharpen collage skills especially for what I have in mind for 2011.  Because I am impatient, I want to give a brief preview.  Let me preface this by saying:  I first became aware of this project from Laura Lein-Svencner    (http://lonecrowart.blogspot.com/   search on the word bundles to read her entries).  She in turn read about this project from Seth Apter, a New York Artist (http://thealteredpage.blogspot.com/ and search on disintegration).  And now I hope to continue in the same vein.  The picture below is what I am calling a paper packet.  It will be assembled and then hung outside at The Studio for about 5 months after which time we will open up our packets, dry the contents, and then make art.  More to follow if the class goes, if not, well I am doing this anyway.  I think the concept is right up any collage artists alley!  Keeping my fingers crossed.


Paper Packet prototype.


Healing Woman said...

The bundles are an interesting concept. Years ago it was a big thing for sculptors to make a clay face and bury it for 1 year and then use the face. I think I'd have nightmares if I did that. You know, dreams of digging up skeletons etc.

Your classes sound super.

Seth said...

Your Paper Packet looks Perfect! Glad you are taking this idea and running with it!