Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Found Art Tuesday: Inspiration

Ah yes...just where does that ol inspiration come from? What is the process, where do the ideas come from.... I absorb a lot of ideas from other artists, both friends and the likes of Picasso, Schwitters, Talbot, Cornell, Kahlo. So those always tend to be in the back of my brain. When I need them, they are there. I will often go to bed at night with a glimmer of a thought on a particular piece. Then I will assemble it before I fall off to sleep and probably in my dreams as well. I just completed a work for the Conscious Cup gallery. My inspiration came out of my anger. A friend had just been diagnosed with breast cancer...stage III. At night, just prior to dosing off, I clearly saw what I wanted to do. Now mind you, it did not turn out exactly how I pictured it, but at least I had a good starting point.

My little ATC is called "I Dream." It works for me! This is a mixed media collage on watercolor paper. I then mounted it to a piece of glossy black card stock. I drew the sleeping me and the moon. Stars were punched out. I enjoyed putting this found art piece together as I was working on the piece I talked about above.

I will post those works for the gallery but I want to make a few more. I have a piece churning in my head now having to do with fair trade and coffee.


I expanded my found art territory and enlisted an accomplice. Since last Sept. almost weekly I have been leaving a found art piece in my favorite watering holes, dentist office, orthodontist office, doctor offices, even church. I finally decided that I can't keep leaving the works in the same places. So I asked my husband to leave this ATC at his favorite watering hole in the big city of Chicago. The place: Intelligencia Coffee (another fair trade coffee shop). He left the work there on Friday (AM) in the sugar/napkin area and reported that it was gone by lunch. The loop area of Chicago is gianormous! Just think of the possibilities!

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Rosa Murillo said...

I love that you're drawing again! I like the way you drew yourself dreaming of stars... wonderful piece!