Wednesday, February 07, 2007

One of the last go arounds for ArtDecos

I am sad. One of the premier (in my opinion) deco groups, ArtDecos, is coming to an end. Our list owner has a fledgling new business and she has plenty of other yahoo groups to look after. It has been a wonderful journey. This group had some of the best mixed media artists around participating in traditional deco swaps. The owner kept the group by invitation only and we kept the decos within the group. The art was spectacular. When I joined, I was a deco newbie and very new to mixed media/collage. But by having my hands on these little gems, I quickly learned something about compositon, style, color, and technique. I really grew as an artist. So I am very grateful that I was part of this wonderful group of talented women. Here is one page from a deco booklet that I just sent out. The theme was travel and I chose spy capitols! I really like this page...



Elona said...

Are you related to a Dawn Larocco??

Kari said...

This is lovely Kathy. I am sad about the demise of this group, too, but I guess things change and it was good while it lasted.

Mind you, we still have to finish off the ones we have circulating at the moment, huh?

Kari x