Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Found Art Tues. 2-6-07: Superhero

The topic of Superhero is just perfect for us Moms. Old Moms, new Moms, International Moms, you get the picture. When I think of what I juggle each day....I think we deserve the title of Superhero. Think about it...I am a retired research microbiologist but no amount of schooling could have prepared me for the grueling Mom schedule that I keep. I always have to be on. Get the kids dressed, fed and out the door to school, walk the dogs, clean-up the dishes, go to my part-time job, come home and walk the dogs, start to prep dinner, clean-up, pick the kids up from school, take them to after school activities, return home and walk the dogs, prepare dinner, feed the masses, feed the dogs, clean-up, help with home work, crash at 9:00 (after walking the dogs). Oh yea, then there is the wash, the laundry baskets are always full no matter how many washes I do. House cleaning you say...only when necessary! So that is my daily routine. Then there are all the volunteer things we do! Do I really do all that? I have not even begun. Do we get any thanks? Seldom for me.

OK so my little 3 1/2 by 5 work, titled Super Moms, is a tribute to mothers everywhere. My Mom is the woman on the left. She was my Superhero! The work is a mixed media collage on a heavy duty piece of scrap book paper and then I mounted it to cardboard. I want to thank my children for their homework papers :)



Rosa Murillo said...

oh kathy, this has touched me.. in so many levels I can't even begin to describe. thank you. and I love it.

Pacha said...

this is really cool! all moms are heroes... what a great message. that will make somebody's day! it made mine, although, I'm not a mom yet... :o)
beautiful piece!