Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Fishy Tale

I received, not too long ago, a deco with the theme of Fishheads. The artist included some silly poem about rolly polly fishheads that I only vaguely remembered from my childhood. I had no clue how to interpret the darn theme until I came across a a clipart image of a boy riding a fish. I can't give credit to the individual who posted the image because I do not remember where it came from but I thought it might be perfect for my page in the deco book. I painted a simple ocean/sky scene and affixed the image. I hand lettered the words and added some capitol letter stickers to complete the piece. This was done on 140 lb cold pressed water color paper. Acrylics, inks and stickers were used.

The lesson learned with this piece...It is all about the process. Finding that perfect image took a while but once it was found, the work came together quickly.



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