Monday, June 19, 2006

A Father's Day Photo

I managed to kill two birds with one stone with this photo. I needed a simple gift for my husband from the two newest members of the pack..Mandy and Tigger. So off to the backyard with skin kids and dogs in tow. We framed this photo in one of those themed frames with dog paws and bones surrounding it. I also needed a picture of Tigger (our newest addition) for the Greyhounds Only adoption group. Although this is not a full body shot, at least it shows that we are all happy!

Tigger is an absolute joy. He gets along greyt with Mandy and he is very loving. You can almost read his soul by looking into those eyes. With every kiss he gives there is confirmation of his gratitude. He was a little nervous and skittish when he brought him home but with patience and love, he has settled right in. If you have never loved one of these greyt dogs, I recommend checking out the numerous adoption agencies for greyhounds. They are so grateful for a forever home.



Ross said...

Great shot. I bet he liked it.

Kathy L said...

Hi Ross

I bet you think we ae a little nuts! But we needed a playmate for Mandy. Our house is officially a ZOO

Ross said...

No. I wish I wasn't allergic to animals

primdollie said...

How wonderful Kathy!! love the kids and the furry ones too!! we have a little wiener dog who rules our house!!! (our boys both grown!!) and I'm sure dad loved the wonderful pic you made for him!! how nice!!! enjoy!!!
hugs Linda