Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Chocolate

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It is Holy Saturday, a day of reflection and anticipation for us Catholics. I am spending the day with my family. A walk with our new greyhound, Mandy, seems very appropriate. In view of the upcoming Easter Celebration, while certainly one of the holiest in the Catholic Church, my children always seem to make it about the chocolate! So yesterday I finished another deco page with a yummy theme in mind.

Decos have been around for sometime but if you want to read about them, I suggest Lisa Vollrath's website: She has a wealth of info there about decos and you should find a ton more interesting items as well. I took to doing decos right away because the support or canvas, if you will, is usually small. For me, anyway, it allows me to work out some spatial issues for larger pieces, and the smallness is not so intimidating. Also, the extra added bonus is that when your deco is done, you get to keep some amazing art! I always get inspired when I get to see and touch art done by others!

In the next couple of weeks I want to document some of my email discussions with Jonathan Talbot. Hopefully they will give some insight to those beginning their art journey and provide some interest to those already well into their journey.


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