Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aubrey's Dream Journal

Another artist that I greatly admire (living artist that is) is Claudine Hellmuth. Her style is clean and her use of texture and color is well, legendary! I belong to her Yahoo group and frequent her blog. I have devoured her books and instructional DVDs and truly enjoy incorporating a variety of textures in my work thanks to these publications. Her instructional style is straight forward and almost easy. She teaches the kind of techniques that I bet most new artists wonder about. You know, when you look at a mixed media piece and say "I wonder how she did that?" Or how about "This looks really complicated and I could never do that!" Wrong...try one of Claudine's books and you will be hooked.

Ok so this piece is actually my third in Claudine's style. I love doing these characters for friends. I have been making dream journals for special presents. This is a journal that everyone should have. One that you can write down your wildest dreams and aspirations throughout the years. It is meant for your eyes and so no one can judge it. Cross off your dreams as your achieve them! Anyway a young woman, who used to be our babysitter, had just graduated from college this winter. This was her gift. What I do is buy a nice looking journal and then I do a painting for that individual. I either affix the finished work to an inside page, or the outside cover. In this work I use several of Claudine's background methods including rinse aid and contact paper.

As an aside note, I have asked Jonathan Talbot for his permission to publish his responses to my challenges. It is a go ahead and I will start to do so soon.


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