Friday, June 10, 2011

Swan Lake

Swan Lake 2010:  Photo by Dan Swinson
This photo is from last years production of one of the most beloved ballets, Swan Lake.  And this is what I have been up to all this week.  Tonight begins the marathon weekend of performances.  Coin and Claire are totally pumped and you can feel the adrenaline in the air.  So as alluded earlier, this week has been about getting the kids to and from rehearsals and waiting...  I am too involved with the excitement of it all so I have not been able to concentrate on much else.  I wonder if other parents of children who dance or perform on stage feel the same way as I do.  I can't buy tickets for just one show, I have to buy tickets for 4 shows.  I have long ago come to the conclusion that Colin and Claire will be 18 all too soon so I am going to enjoy every minute as a ballet Mom and a very proud one at that.  The house work will always be there, so will my art, so will the wash!!!  But my children have always come first no matter what the cost.  We've sacrificed a lot through the years so they could have the best training available and it is paying off in a big way.  Colin has chosen dance as his career path and will be studying at a summer intensive with the American Ballet Theater in July, Claire wants to go to college to pursue her dancing.  I'm smiling ear to ear.  So as I sit here and type this, I am eagerly awaiting the first performance tonight.  As soon as Mr. Swinson has some photos available I will post them.  He is a fantabulous photographer and has a knack for capturing dancers in their finest moments.  



Healing Woman said...

Looks like she made it! Hurrah!

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I have an award for you and a tag on my main art blog site.

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