Monday, June 20, 2011

Swan Lake Reflections: 6-20-11

This past week I spent some time recovering from Swan Lake rehearsals and performances.  I did the hurry up and wait routine about 3 times per day during the tech rehearsal week and then went to 4 performances of Swan Lake on the (the 10th, 11th and 12th).  No art has been done for the past two weeks but I a beginning to get the itch again, gratefully.  Colin and Claire have had a down week this past week as well so I spent much of my time with them.  My 18 year old, who is really going on 30, was rarely home at all so I was grateful to spend some quality time with my 16 year old twins.  Claire and I did some shopping, her favorite past time, Colin and I did some movies, we all sat down to dinner together which is a rarity and I did a lot of home cooking.  We also hit our health club 4 of the 5 weekdays which is a perk as well.  

Each night before I fell asleep I put together some thoughts on my children's performances.  It is funny how it works but with each passing year I can see such great improvement in their technique and in their performance.  Thanks to the magic of professional videos, I can relive all those memories.  This particular performance found both Colin and Claire in solos. I am so proud of both of them!  Claire, recovering from mono, lit up the stage.  Regardless of how tired she was, you would never know she was ailing.  Her personality just totally came through.  Colin was absolutely incredible.  He was pure grace and power.  I was able to watch him perform as prince (he was the understudy) and I have to give him kudos.  His range of emotions were right there.  You could see just how in love he was with his Odette yet he was totally conflicted at the same time.  Bravo are destined for the big stage.  Enjoy the little slide show will see what I mean :)

Mrs Svalander, our studio's artistic director, invited some friends to attend the last performance.  These friends were former professional dancers from about 40 years ago.  They made sure to tell Colin how talented he was which just about sent him into tears.  I really don't think he wants to admit how talented he is.  I think that is a defense mechanism for him.  These ladies, some in their 60s and 70s, we never met before but you just sort of knew that they were former dances (with Stone and Camryn in Chicago) because of they way they moved.  I was also moved my their comments.  I mean really choked up.  I am always amazed at the range of emotions this performing art brings out in me.  The ballet is something extraordinary and I do hope, dear readers, you take the time to see one at least once. 


And so, here we are at another week.  Colin and Claire have started Mrs. Svalander's summer intensive which basically preoccupies ~8 hours a day (with lunch and dinner breaks) 3 days per week, and about 5 hours the other days (except Sunday).  Colin leaves for Austin Texas on July 10th to participate in the American Ballet Theaters summer intensive.  I do hope he posts daily on Facebook (feel free to friend him if you want to follow his exploits, Colin Ellis).  My husband and I will attend his final performances down in Austin.  I am so excited for him.  Claire will have a final summer intensive performance too and I do hope she is given some beautiful solo moments.  She is ready for them :)   I need to put my artist cap back on.  But that may have to wait for a while long...I have to gather all Colin's stuff, and there is a lot of it, to pack and send down before he leaves, and also pack him up for the actual trip.  Never a dull moment.  

Least I forget, all these photos are © Dan Swinson, whose talent is awesome.  Thank you Dan for allowing your faithful followers to use some of these photos :)



Clare said...

what a wonderful journey to follow with your children. the photos are delightful - but you all must be exhausted. ( my name is clare and my husbands is colin so that amused me -lol - either one of us is very graceful lol)

Healing Woman said...

Wow! I just watched the slide show. Clair and Colin are marvels. They each look so poised and graceful. I am so glad the the performance went on despite the mono. I'm sure noone ever knew. I'll bet you will be resting happily for the next few weeks. Congratulations!

Undaunted said...

You are such a great Mom! You sound so in tune with your children and it's great that you spend quality time with them.

I'm sorry, I wasn't really able to pick your Claire out from the photos, but I'm sure she was wonderful. And you know how I feel about Colin! I would love to add him on face ache if he doesn't mind?