Friday, December 24, 2010

Nutcracker Aftermath: 12-24-10

Colin and his Clara

Colin and his Spanish Princess
Merry Christmas to you all. It is Christmas Eve and it will be Christmas Day by the time I actually post this.  I am sitting here now reflecting on my 2010 Nutcracker experience and still seeing visions of Sugar Plums.....  These last two weeks have been all about the Nutcracker, as they have been for a good 10 years.  I have told friends that I felt as if I was watching the events unfold hovering from above.  I never felt really present but rather floating through each performance.  The culmination of three months of rehearsals ended with the Tech week at the Woodstock Opera House (December 7-10).  Those four long nights of rehearsals went surprising well.  Colin and Claire even got their homework done.  And then came the first weekend of performances followed by a week of rest and then the second weekend (Dec 18 and 19) of performances.  As I am the proud mother of two very talented dancers, my opinion is very biased.  However, to put it mildly, I was blown away...yes blown away by the quality of dancing, the quality of the performance, and the high energy that the Nutcracker held for me this 2010.  Colin and Claire just get better and better.   I received many compliments from parents and relatives etc.. Many of the people that literally grabbed me, I did not know.  How they knew that I was Colin and Claire's Mother is beyond me but I have to say I enjoyed basking in their light, even for just a few moments. 

Colin and Claire as Chinese
Colin was the Nutcracker Prince this year.  He was also the Spanish Chocolate Cavalier soloist and the Chinese Tea soloist.  Claire was in the snow scene as a snowflake and she was the Chinese tea soloist, partnering with her brother.  When I saw Colin for the first time,he came on the stage as the nephew of Uncle Drosselmeyer.  He was as tall as Uncle Drosselmeyer (about 6 ft).  Tears welled in my eyes as I realized that my precious boy was now a young man.  I just never realized how tall he had grown in just a few short months (he was 5' 10" in July).  So here was this young man playing the part of the nephew, soon to be the Nutcracker prince.  At that moment, I knew that these shows would be marvelous.  And my Claire, she stepped up to the plate in her first solo appearance.  To see them both dance together was one of my happiest and proudest moments as a Mother. Their performance was something I will never forget.  After two weekends of nothing but Nutcracker  (yes I saw every performance) I realized that even though these past weeks, many weeks of preparation for these performances, were full of stress, it was worth every minute and yes, I would do it again in a heart beat.  Thank you Colin and Claire for the best Christmas gift ever. 

As a final note, all the pictures on this page are courtesy of Dan Swinson.  His website,
A final Kiss.  I cried like a baby., is full of beautiful shots of the JSSB (Judith Svalander School of Ballet) Nutcracker performances.  These were pinched from his facebook photo album.  Thank you Dan for being such a generous artist.  These pictures are awesome.

And so it is that Christmas has arrived.  I do hope you have created many memories this holiday and that 2011 brings many more.


The cast


Michele Hartwig said...

Kathy, I'm so happy Royal has Collin to look up to. He is a perfect role model and a huge inspiration to him. Thank you. All your children are beautiful dancers and it's a joy to watch them every year. Your support of all the dancers is appreciated as well.

Pam said...

This is fantastic! You son has real talent and a proud mom! I love ballet and I think its fantastic when young men are drawn to it for exercise and the beauty of dance and drama. You are quite a mom; of course, you know that!
Happy New Year to you and your family. Thank you so much for your positive and uplifting comments on my blog posts. God Bless you.

Sherri said...

Kathy, I'm visiting via Misty's FB page...I look forward to taking her class with you! You have some incredibly talented children - how proud you must be! My daughter also loves to dance. Happy New Year to you - cheers!

Sherri said...

Just stopping back in to say thank you for your very kind words about my means so much to me when others relate to my words. See you in class soon - I can't wait to begin painting! :~)