Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Creative Process and a Found Art piece in progress

Found art for this week is day. So I have this work in progress that I think will become my "day" found art piece but I have to see how the work reveals itself. Following the Mountainscape excercise in "Celebrating you Creative Self", I have begun this work by laying down a large strip of gesso and then laying pieces of rice paper, tissue paper, and paper towel down. The bottom portion of the work is textured with gel medium and pumice gel. The next steps will be to add some color washes. And I should get to that next week.
This is a little different avenue for me but I needed this diversion. I have one work in progress that is stalled. I wish I could draw hands better... I may need to resort to magazines for my hands this time around. And just two months to go till my show. I am sure that time will fly.

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