Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Daylight over the Jemez

This is the completion of the excericse I started a couple of weeks ago. I finished about 4 days ago and then let it sit where I could look at it. Today I polished it up a little adding more mist in the mountains and lightening up the foreground and sky. In my mind I was trying to see the brilliant colors of Santa Fe sunrises. The colors are are breathtaking. There is a place that Marc and I use to cross country ski in the Jemez. It is a caldera very near Los Alamos. We would get up before dawn in Santa Fe and head up to Los Alamos and this ski spot. Catching the sunrise on the drive there always brought tears to my eyes. The skiing was fabulous too!

The work is a mixed media and collage piece using acrylics, water colors, and a variety of papers such as tissue and paper towel. I used some pastels to help define some of the mountain scape.

On to the next exercise....



Anonymous said...

Kathy, that's gorgeous! We used tissue paper and pastels last week in one of my classes to make landscapes. We must have been thinking the same! The paper towels sound like a great idea too. Did you glue them down and then start painting?

Also - we LOVED seeing your dogs!!! Thanks again. Mary

Undaunted said...

This piece is so beautiful. If only I could see it in the flesh to really appreciate the textures!

Deb Kress said...

I love this piece
love Santa Fe and Taos
beautitul depiction of the
Deb Kress

Kathy L said...

Thanks Deb. That part of the ocuntry is so continues to inspire me.