Sunday, October 22, 2006

Found Art Topic for 10-24-06

This week the topic is Secrets. Rosa gave some serious thought to this. I felt I had to meet her "challenge." When I started to really think about what my secrets are...well, lets say I am not ready to divulge any..even in an anonymous format. My secrets are locked away where only I can access them. So the work came together very fast after I realized that. I actually drew something! My heart! I think the rest is evident. The work is mixed media and I used acrylics, cut out words from various sources, inks, and black tape... all done on a coaster that I think I nabbed from an Olive Garden restaurant in Santa Fe, NM. I titled the work "Locked Away." As far as where I will leave this work ... I am still working on it. Stay tuned.



Kari said...

I like this imagery, it could have multiple meanings, but on the surface appears clear and straighforward. Looking forward to hearing about its placement and discovery.

Kari x

Ross said...

I've been negelecting my site for a bit since I've been busy. Now I have a lot on my mind that I wanna get out there.

Hope all is well with you too. Tell the cousins I said hey!

Rosa Murillo said...

I'm so happy you took this challenge! I liked the way you drew the heart, it looks like it's in a little cage. and our secrets almost always involve the heart, don't they? Loved it!