Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Found Art, Found at Starbucks 10-17-06

So today I left my altered coaster (see below) at a Starbucks in Crystal Lake, IL. I put it in front of the napkins in a napkin holder. Then I set myself down with a vanilla latte and waited. Starbucks always has traffic and so the likely hood that someone would see the art was pretty high. I watched as about 6 people walk right by the napkins (what is it about people and napkins...Doesn't anyone use them anymore, are people using their sleeves or what)? Then a young man, who I recognized as an employee, went straight to the napkins and picked up the work, read the back, smiled, and walked off. At least I know it was not trashed! Well, I hope this young man enjoys the work. I did get my smile. And that says something!



Kari said...

Yippee. How good is that? I have yet to have a go at this, but I will.

It is great when it is appreciated too.

kari x

Rosa Murillo said...

yay! somebody found it!! I know about the napkins!!! I think everyone's just too busy to stop and look at it!
tomorrow I'm meeting with the one who found my "coffee" piece, it will be interesting...