Monday, October 30, 2006

Found Art Topic 10-31-06

How fortunate that found art Tuesday is Halloween this year. One of my favorite holidays, I was hoping that Rosa would choose Halloween as a topic. Sure enough, logic prevailed and Halloween is our topic. One of my fascinations with Halloween is the lore. Witch stories were told to me when I was young and I remember being so frightened. The witch in Hansel and Gretel really kept me awake at night for some time. So I decided to conjure up my own witch for this weeks found art. I drew and painted this witch! I am trying to incorporate some of my own images along with the many found papers used in my collages. Found art topics allow me to practice my drawing without the intimidation. After all, no one knows me! This is a mixed media piece using found papers, inks, acrylics, and stickers. La bruja's warts are green brads. The witch, as mentioned, is my own creation. The substrate for this work is a mail post card (5 by 7 inches in size). I entitled this work La Bruja (witch in Spanish) and it is dedicated to my new found internet friendship with artist Rosa Murillo. Muchas Gracias Rosa, para la opportunidad found art!


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Rosa Murillo said...

Kathy, I really liked your bruja! you out-did yourself! (and thanks for the dedication!) I wanted to leave a comment sooner but yesterday was such a busy day, (halloween parties and trick or treating)
I really like the way you're experimenting with drawing things on your cards, It seems your hand is getting more loose. I really like it!
If you have any ideas of new themes, let me know! It'll be great to have your input.
have a great week!