Monday, November 29, 2010

Time never stops....11-29-10

Where did this month go?  How did I get through Thanksgiving?  How many more days until Nutcracker or Christmas for that matter?  I feel like I have been floating through this last month, sort of looking down on the days as they pass.  We've been holiday busy as I am sure most of you have been.  Thanksgiving week was a blur of cleaning and cooking and eating.  And now we press onto Christmas.  I do hope your Thanksgiving was filled with good family memories and for those who do not celebrate this holiday, I do hope your month of December celebrations are shaping up nicely.

More class participants

Claire and her purse

Right before Thanksgiving I finished up a class in which we altered ballerina pointe shoes and satin purses and sandals.  I promised to post some pictures and because these past few weeks have been blurs, well I am just getting to posting them.  I did finish a very special pointe shoe, the Nutcracker 2010 shoe, for the Judith Svalander School of ballet.  That was the secret that I was working on.  I presented it to Mrs. Svalander right before the holiday and I am thinking she loved it :))))  So here you can see some happy participants and their creations.  I really loved this class because it was so laid back.  No pressure to create a master piece...just fun.  My kind of class.  Enjoy the photos!!!

Nutcracker Altered Pointe shoe
altered purse

altered flip flop

altered purse

more altered pointe shoes


Healing Woman said...

Your Nutcracker shoe is lovely. I'll bet the school really appreciated it. Class looks like fun too.

Pam said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the altered shoes/flipflops/ballet shoes! I like the painting that was donated too; its coloration is lovely. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and thank you for letting me know you appreciate my writing. It means so much to me.