Monday, November 15, 2010

Paper Packets Are Assembled

A stuffed packet
I promised pictures and finally, finally I uploaded them from one of our cameras I have to say, some of the papers that were brought in were really gorgeous.  We also had rusted nails, dried blueberries (my favorite), onion skins, leaves, Easter egg dye tablets, tea bags, coffee grounds, and I can't remember what else.  There was a lot of stuff flying around :)  The participants made two packets.  One to hang at The Studio and one for home.  This first gathering was a lot of fun and relaxing.  We all talked and laughed.  It was a great way to kick off this collaborative.  So below are some pics from the evening.
Assembling packets

The evenings work, ready to hang



Spirituality 101- self preservation said...

Hi Kathy,
I see that you're a stay at home mom; I used to be, now I'm a grandma! I am a teacher, much older than you, and an artist who has gallery shows here in Ft. Myers FL. I became a follower of your blog because I am drawn to the art shown in your blog tile space...I also think the paper pockets are pretty funky. Good stuff. I would love it if you'd join my blog(s) as a follower. I have reflective writing and some of my art pieces on the Spirituality 101 blog and a photo blog dedicated to poetry and captioned pics of doors and windows. Hope to see you following! I will be back to look at what you are creating.

Kathy L said...

Will do. We've been busy with the holidays but I am going to follow you too!