Monday, October 25, 2010

Paper Packets: Oct 25 2010

It has not been that long since I hung my packet on the white pine in our yard.  The rain storms this passed weekend has initiated some visible changes.  The packet cardboard is buckling and I am seeing some staining of papers from coffee grounds (which have disappeared) There is also some blue stains from Easter egg tablets I inserted into an envelope.  Tomorrow we are supposed to be getting some severe winds and a storm yea!!!!

   As far as studio time...well I am thinking about it.  Actually I do have a good reason to get myself beck in there.  I have signed up to send a postcard size work to an artist twitter friend who lives in Norway...  Their local library is trying to raise some funds for new children's books and David put out a call for artists around the world. The library will display these little gems and hopefully sell them. Here is the link to read more...    So I will keep update when I have something to show.     k

  blue stain  & coffee or tea stain

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Healing Woman said...

I think that is such a good way to earn money for organizations, the library in Norway in the case here. We had an offering in Roanoke at one of the galleries. The theme was foreign travel. I submitted a postcard of France. I think they sold most of them for about $25. each.

Your bundle is already looking like a piece of art-distressed and lovely.