Monday, October 18, 2010

Paper Packets: A beginning, October 13th

As I mentioned in my post below, Art classes have not taken off this fall.  I am sad but at the same time, I fully understand.  These classes would be classified in the discretionary spending category and of course they require a certain amount of time be committed. We have rescheduled the Paper Packets class twice now with the new date being November 4th (for the packet construction).  I do hope this series goes.  I so love the idea of having a gallery show on Earth Day with works that have incorporated nature altered papers.  Crossing my fingers big time!  Meanwhile, I brought home one of the packets I constructed ( on display at The Studio) to hang in my back yard.  I placed the packet on an Austrian Pine tree, October 13th,  for right now.   So periodically I will take some photos to document Mother Nature's handy work.  These packets (I still have one on display at the Studio and will put that one outside on Nov 4th hopefully at the Studio) will provide the nature altered papers I will use for my art next year.  I want the theme of the Earth Day show to be "Ecological Ethics in our Global Society."  Even if the class does not go, I will still create works around this theme for the 2011 Art of The Land Show.  So that is where I am at right now, in a holding pattern.  



Healing Woman said...

Those are such nifty little packets. You are right though, art is always the first thing affected during an economic downturn. Let's keep our fingers crossed for improvement soon.

Undaunted said...

What a great way to make interesting and unique papers! I wondered what these "paper packets" were!