Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moss Norway books for Children Donation: phase 1

I am so happy to have this little donation at this stage. Again, using "scraps" from a pile on my work station (and you know these are gems because I never throw them out), I created this larger postcard size abstract land scape.  It is yet untitled but given where I will send it, Moss Norway, it might have something to do with the climate in that part of the world :)  I need to do shading with my favorite Neocolor II crayons and also, I think I want to do a gesso wash but not sure yet.  I became aware of this little project, championed by David Sandum, through Twitter.  Here is the link to read more about it.  If you would like to contribute, scroll down to see when the drop dead mailing date is.  I can't think of a better way to unit the global community than through an art project such as this.  Kudos to David! 


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