Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The Big News" 7-21-10

Thanks to a good friend, I have have the confirmation I needed to be able to share our family news.  I know this sounds a bit strange but I really did not want to post unless I knew this was a sure deal.  About two weeks ago, both Colin and Claire auditioned for a short movie/documentary.  The theme is dance, of course, and to be honest with you all, I am not sure exactly what it is about.  I think, mind you I am reading between the lines, this has something to do with the history of  the Stone- Camryn dance school/company that was based in Chicago in the (1941-1981).  There is a fictional element with it as well as non fictional.  Mrs. Svalander, the owner and director of the Judith Svalander School of Ballet (where my kids dance) use to dance at that school and knew the choreographer who also danced there.  And that is about all the details.  Via email last night, I obtained the rehearsal schedule (intense for three days).  The filming schedule will be coming forthwith.  So I will take them into Chicago and basically stay there waiting for up to 8 hours each day.  We have to work out transportation details because parking is non existent in the city.  The filming will take place in Evanston, which is doable in a car but it is a good 1.5 hour drive.  Parking is better in Evanston. I am excited for both of them for the obvious implications (you know, being discovered by ballet company directors etc..).  The film is supposed to be sold and might go the route of film festivals.  And there you have it.  More details will follow I am sure. 

On top of my getting back to working on the computer, this should prove interesting.  I  will have a very hectic and busy next two weeks.  Today we are going with the dance school to see Billy Elliot!  Yea.  My kids are so stoked!  So even thought a was dealt a basket of lemons these past weeks, there was a cool glass of lemonade waiting for me with this news. 



Healing Woman said...

Congratulations to you and your family! Who knows where this will take them-and you! While in London a few weeks ago, I had the choice (because of time) to see Wicked or Billy Elliot. I chose Wicked because my granddaughter, who was with me, really heard it was good. We also got good reports on Billy Elliot but some of the people in our group actually chose Billy Elliot and they came back from the play ranting and raving at how fabulous it was. Ballet is the theme and that fits you to a T....what fun!

Faye said...

Let's plan on meeting in Chicago one day you are in town waiting. We can go to the Art Institute and have lunch! It's so good that the kids can have this experience - you are truly blessed! Love u!

Kate said...

Wow! How very exciting for you! You must be so darn proud, Kathy! Well, I just love Chicago, I would go to Naperville and stay, and then take the train! Now with 8 hours to spend waiting, I see a few trips to the Art Institute and some art galleries, right?! By the way, I commented back to you on my blog aboutthe brush cleaning. My Mac had some weird virus, and I have been having so much trouble having to get two graphic art jobs done for music CD's. So I may have been a bit late in commenting! Thanks for reading, and I do enjoy your blog as well! Good luck to your kids!

Undaunted said...

Oh wow!! How amazing!! Go Colin and Claire!! You rock! I hope I get to see the film when it's done :)

Enjoy Billy Elliot :)

Kerri said...

that is so exciting! congratulations!