Sunday, July 18, 2010

Art Of the Land Donation 7-18-10

Life is good.  We have both of our scanners back up and running.  Now I just need to get our camera (s) software loaded.  I will need my hubby for that.  In addition to that feat, I was in the studio today and finished a donation for The Art of The Land show in September at the Starline Gallery in Harvard Illinois.  The show and part of the artists proceeds go to The Land Conservancy of McHenry County.    I have been inspired by the ocean as of late (my cousin had a thirty foot plus sail boat and I am following her summer, along with her husband, around the east coast of our country).  I also have been inspired by water in general, waterways, rivers, name it.  So my abstract landscapes usually have a water element.  Something about water is so elemental, soothing yet at the same time, powerful and potentially devastating.  The title of this work is "Waterscapes 1."  It is a 6 by 6 inch mixed media and collage work on masonite board.  I worked from two photos of different places and sort of combined them (in my head) to a place I would love to explore.  This could be by the sea or the rocky bluffs seen along Lake Michigan (upper peninsula Michigan).  At any rate, I would love to vacation there for sure. 

What is next...well I have an artist brochure I need to redesign because I lost it in the crash.  I want to start a database in Access again.  I know that won't be complete because the data for art sold is gone.  Oh well.  And I want to get back to the studio to achieve two things...samples for a journal class teaching transfer techniques, and I finally hope to start making some papers (actually altering papers) for a new abstract that has been floating around in my head since New Years Eve.  Oh yea and then there is a bit of wonderful new, family news that I wish to share once I have details and hopefully it will actually come to pass :)



Undaunted said...

It looks beautiful Kathy - I would definitely want to vacation there too!

I can't wait to hear your family news! :)

Kathy L said...

I promise I will share soon. And thank you for your lovely comment.

Healing Woman said...

I said it before. You are so brave to be tackling the entire computer problem so well. Problem is putting it mildly I know. Ahh. To have a 30' boat to travel in!