Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Insane Woman and the Challenge

Alright, so I have this friend who lives in the UK who was nuts enough to do this 28 day challenge: http://rediscovering-art.blogspot.com/, and she invited anyone else to join her. I gave some thought to challenge and decided to go for it, with my own set of rules of course. God forbid I should follow any one's rules but my own. The original rules state 1 hour per day for 28 days doing anything you want that is creative. Seems easy enough except I know my schedule is not conducive to a daily dose of creativity! I really need to get a few more 8 by 8 inch works done to complete a series before April 15 so the challenge may help me get there! N0w I figure if I can get into my studio daily, that will be a good start, if I can work on something or other for 15 minutes, that will be a good start, and if I can make it an hour, I just might have to celebrate with a glass of wine :)))). The weekends will be tough but I will give it a go. For today I managed about 25 minutes. I had to get some labels done for Easter presents for my Pre-K class and I had to seal with polymer varnish, my class example for this week. Photos below to prove I did something!
I hand stamped my labels, creative right? The labels will go onto jars of bubbles for my kids. The picture was taken with my iPhone and the quality of both are not that good. And varnishing the work had to be done before I can really justify starting anything else.



Undaunted said...

Yay!! You've joined in!! *doing a little happy dance* Good for you!

Well ok, maybe the rules should be something daily - I realise not everyone can manage an hour, but maybe on some days people can manage more?

I'm so glad you decided to join in!

Do I really come across as insane to you?? :)

Healing Woman said...

I challenge myself constantly but I like to think that when I walk into the studio, I leave the challenges of the world behind. There is nothing like art to give the added zing to life. It will be interesting for you to look back after challenge is complete and see where it has taken you.

Undaunted said...

Hahaha, just saw your comment on my blog! Yeah, you're right. It's day three for me and I've just realised how insane I am!! hahahaha! But we'll love it once we get into the swing Kathy! We'll look back one day and say "Wow, that was hard work but such great fun!" and we might even say "Let's do it again!"!!!