Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Two 28 day challenge

I almost quit today after only one day! I have such a lousy cold and came home from work with my head pounding and just filled up with gunk. I took a hour nap but really could not get comfortable and did not sleep. So I headed to my studio and what do you know? I actually worked for an hour ( a little under) before I had to quit (my head was spinning). And what did I accomplish...a second coat of varnish on my landscape sample (Awakening) plus I started the third in my series of 4, Elements series, Wind. Here is the finished work that I called Awakening and the beginning of Wind. I work intuitively without a plan and often in quadrants... Now I need to take my son down to his rehearsal for Swan Lake....


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Undaunted said...

Oh, well done Kathy! I am sooo tired today, but seeing as I started this thing I can't really give up on my 3rd day can I?! Anyway, those goblets I made yesterday will dry out too much if I don't do something with them tonight. I'm hoping this challenge will help me get into a habit of creating every day, so that it's second nature.

Let's keep going Kathy! The rewards will be worth it!

I hope you feel much better soon x