Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 6: 28 Day Challenge

I wish that I could say that I made it to my studio today, I did not. Sundays are hard... Family comes first. I did do a little research for an Art Journaling Class that I want to offer at the Studio... Slowly but surely I will get there. Oh and I did make some cute little bunnies for Easter. Check this out...I used wash clothes to make these! I plan on putting them in my teens Easter Baskets. At least that was something!


1 comment:

Undaunted said...

Your little bunnies are sweet!

I am struggling too Kathy. I must say, I think you are doing better than I am! As well as the bad news on Saturday zapping my creative energy, I have been so tired!

Well done for keeping going. I think you deserve a reward at the end of this!