Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mixed Media and Collage Class: Patchwork (quilted) Portraits.

In the vein of the famous backgrounds that Kelly Rae Roberts does, are almost finished works from my last class (1/14 and 1/15). Great job by everyone! This was the second time that I taught this class and I had several who had taken the class the first time and several first timers. There were several students who had not even had an introduction to collage so you guys did great. This type of class is not so intuitive. A focal image that is partially drawn and partially collaged can be daunting but I think everyone did a good job. I am not a great portrait artist so I did not want to teach the "art of the face," so to speak. Instead we used magazine images and this seems to be a little less intimidating. Anyway you can judge for yourselves.... I managed to miss one portrait (sorry Dawn) but trust me when I say, it was reallllllly good. Oh and if you hold the mouse over a slide you will see some fun comments that I made on the work.

I am in the midst of planning February's class which will be a guided abstract on massonite board. The class will be Feb 25th and 26th at the Studio. I need to get a sample done along with all the incomplete works that I started and somehow managed to lay aside. Enjoy my little slide show :)



Mary Telfer Holden said...

I love it Kathy! Wow! I want to do a slide show too. : ) Very nice artwork.

Kathy L said...

Isn't that a cool little program. I discovered it on another artists blog and decided it would be a nice way to showcase students work. Have fun with it.