Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Studio hosts a Chamber Mixer on Sept. 1st

The Studio Art School in McHenry, IL held a lovely mixer for all the Chamber business members this past Tuesday. Lucy called and invited me and also asked me if I wanted to hang some of my art on her lovely walls. Right after dealing with my first day of pre-K, I went and hung art with Lucy. The mixer was lovely and I received plenty of nice comments on my work including that it was nicely priced. Nothing sold, but it was nicely priced :) My latest work, the three little abstracts also received plenty of good comments. I arranged them in a pre-cut mat and framed them and they looked wonderful. What was really wonderful though was that Cheryl Perrone from the Land Conservancy of McHenry County, came over and introduced herself. She asked if I wanted to be part of a multi artist show at the Starline Gallery in Harvard Illinois. The show is called, ART OF THE LAND and is a benefit for the Conservancy. OMG, I have wanted to find an excuse to get up to Harvard to see this new gallery. It is in an old factory and is supposed to be really cool. Here is the link to the gallery and blog although neither site is that up to date.

As for the conservancy, Here is a link to their site and the announcement of the show at the Star line:

The good work that this group does is largely behind the scenes. I would wager that the average resident living in McHenry County does not even know that there is a very active group fighting to preserve our prairie areas, fens, bogs, oak and Hickory grove (what little is left of them) and so much more. I do hope this fund raiser brings much needed dollars to continue their good work. I am so thrilled to be able to take part in this (just have to fill out the paper work). I am going to donate a print of my Fairy of the Woodland Gables for their silent auction and probably submit three-4 pieces. One is below, the abstract landscape, and that piece I still need to seal and mat. The benefit is slated for September 26, starting at 7. I think tickets are 15.00 pre -purchased. The details can be found at the announcement link above. If you are free and live in the area, do stop by for a really worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

Yes the Starline Gallery is a very cool place and I'm looking forward to seeing your work in person at the Art of the Land Show.

Mary Telfer Holden said...

Hi Kathy - thanks for the note on my blog - yes, those Krylon pens are great! I love your new paper work, I wish I had known about the opening Tues night. And I also want to check out the new gallery in Harvard. Congratulations on the shows coming up and all the good work!


julie mitchell said...

Kathy, congratulation on the coming shows...I took the time tonight to check out the Starline gallery via the link...very nice...looks like a gallery should...great art and interesting people...Wish I were closer..

julie mitchell said...

I'm back...I had to chuckle a bit at the 'nicely priced' comment....some of the things people come up with regarding the price of art often have me chuckling....I once had someone tell me that if your art is selling really well it's priced to low..??!!! Couldn't it just be good?

Kathy L said...

Oh Julie,

You got that so right. I will never understand this pricing thin but I try not to let it wiegh to much of me. You know how it feels, because in the end, it is all about the creative process and the joy of experiencing a work come to life!

Kathy L said...

Man I so can't spell,the above entry should read, pricing thing and I try not to let it weigh me down so much...geesh

Connie said...

congratulations kathy!..i am very excited for you. what a wonderful compliment to be invited to participate at the gallery show!

Zorana said...

Congratulations! How exciting to be invited to participate in such a cool place, for a good cause. I wish I lived closer so that I can see it.

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...


As always, thanks for keeping up with me on my blog. You commented on my description of the ladies that were taking my classes. I'm glad you did because as I was writing all that I thought to myself, "who cares about this silly stuff". But then I had a couple of others talk with me about it too. I guess it makes the workshops more human or something. :) As you know with writing your own blog: you never know what's going to strike a chord with people.

Hearty congratulations on the connections you made at the mixer and the cool gallery you'll be showing in. I keep telling myself that good art will be found and your story proves it. Wish I could be there in person!