Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am alive 9-23-09

Oh my, no art for sharing...I have been really busy with the start of the school year. My pre-k class is wonderful. Those little minds are just like sponges...always wanting to learn. We have listened to Back, Boyce, Telemann, Mozart and now Vivaldi...guess what, my class now requests their favorites. I love it when the arts are soaked up. I want to show them experts of ballets and concerts )Chicago Symphony.... Oh and yes, they are learning their site words! So I have been really busy in the afternoons and evenings. Currently, I am packing for dropping off 4 paintings to the Starline Gallery (link below) today. The Art of the Land show is Saturday. I have done breast cancer benefits before but have never done one like this where all the art is for sale and a good portion of the proceeds go the the land conservancy. I am so looking forward to this date night. I do have some ideas for more work (collages), but when I will get a block of time now is anyone's guess!


PS. Stop by Lorrie Grainger Abdo's blog for a really neat look into some new art she is doing. I really love it!

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