Sunday, August 30, 2009

Abstract Landscape 8-30-09

No title yet, the work has not grown on me just yet. I still need to varnish and will probably give the work a satin finish. The papers use in this piece were all altered by yours truly. Some of the papers I used included tissue (not sure what kind of tissue this was but it is stronger than the type you get in packages, although I have used that kind of tissue as well), paper towels, magazine papers, and brown paper bags (like the ones from the grocery store). Final size is 6 by 12. This is an example for my upcoming class. After the class is done I hope to at the very least double mat it and maybe it will go into my etsy shop. Still deciding.

I am hoping that in my next class we can make an abstract in this vein. We are also going to make that rather "small" series that I posted below. In September we will alter papers on two consecutive nights and then use those papers to create the landscape and abstract series. I added grasses using markers, acrylics and artists crayons and there is small flock of geese up near the moon that I stamped and then dusted with Pearl Ex (a mica dust). Fun

Now that I have gotten back into some abstract work, I have an urge to do another series based on some photos I took in the southwest and some photos I took while in the mountains near Blacksburg VA. (not sure which mountain range that is). I do want another gallery show mid year next year and maybe even before then! As an after thought, I managed to find the perfect already cut mat for the three 4 by 4 inch collages (below) and a frame to go with (yea Michael's). I used that 40% coupon and I am good to go. I try to present my class samples in a finished state but sometimes I don't always succeed. :)



.kat. said...

Kathy I really like this piece!
It reminds me of Eric Carle's
work, which I love. :o) I am
looking forward to seeing

Undaunted said...

This is lovely! Where have I been? I seem to have missed so much!