Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer chaos

The kids have been out since the last week in May and we have not stopped since. And for crying out loud, they have not even started their dance camps! Three teens pose a challenge to the wanna be artist. I have come to the conclusion that my art will be shelved this summer except for maybe a few examples for a mixed media class I will teach. I still do not have a driver yet. Kaitie will hopefully get her license in October. Won't that be nice, maybe....

Claire decided she wanted to contribute to the main stay event with her own stick horse and here are the pics. The horse is titled "technicolor zebra." I had her use Lumiere paints which are really bright because they contain peral ex (or something like that, a mica dust). I am glad these paints got some use because they have been on my shelf for sometime.


ps soon I will post the 8th grade graduation pictures. I am so proud of the twins!

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Undaunted said...

The horse looks great! And Wow, so bright and colourful! Claire must get her artistic flare from you!

Hope you manage to find time to put your feet up once in a while during the summer!