Monday, June 22, 2009

My twins

Well here are a few pictures from Colin and Claire's 8th grade graduation. My husband and I share the spot light in one of them. Colin and Claire, I want you to know how really proud I am of you both. Even though I have told you a million times, words just can't express my joy. Eight years just flew by. Claire, it seems like only yesterday that we were terrified that you too had a reading disability. After a year of help, you soared and never looked back. Colin, you have always been bright but you really shined in 8th grade. And now, it is the "big time." I wish for you both much success in high school. I know it will be tough juggling your schedules and dancing too, but you have excellent study skills and know how to prioritize. Remember that I will always be there at your back if you need me. I love you both so much.

Love Mom



Faye said...

What great kids - they are so GROWN up! Wish them the best in HIGH SCHOOL. I know that will excel in whatever they do. They have strong roots.

Rosa Murillo said...

wow Kathy, congratulations to you too! you make a beautiful family, wow, to see your kids graduate from 8th grade! what an accomplishment for everybody,including the very proud mom!