Monday, January 12, 2009

der Weihnachtstraum 1-109

Happy New Year I say as I pat myself on the back! It just feels good to have come through the Holidays. We are on the cliff looking down as we wait for the axe to fall. My husbands job maybe no more thanks to Bank of America's many acquisitions and mismanagement. OOH there are times when I just boil thinking about how the banking industry has run itself to the ground. But I digress. I finished Clara from my ballet series (forever an a day ongoing). I titled the work der Weihnachtstraum (The Christmas Dream). Since the Nutcracker takes place in a German household, the German title seemed to fit. I just really enjoyed working on this one. There was a point on the work when I had no idea where I was going and then I took a long hiatus in December. I picked up the piece again last Tuesday and just knew what to do. I love when that happens. So my little Clara was sketched from a foto of my Claire when she was about 9. The dress she is wearing is very similar to the actual costume worn in our local Nutcracker production. She will be hung along side the other Nutcracker works this Thursday.

And on another note, this Thursday begins my show at the Conscious Cup Cafe in Crystal Lake IL. I have about 18 works to hang, 6 of which are new but continue my series work. I hope my work brightens peoples mornings. Everyone seems so depressed and very quiet. At least though, our coffee shops are still getting customers. Coffee is a hard one to give up, even with the poor economic outlook. My show will be there from 1-15 through mid February. I hope to be more diligent in keeping my blog more current (at least till the next ballet).


Faye said...

Glad you are back on board....I check every day for you to write! Sorry to hear about the husband....mine has been out of work now for a year. The good news is that he got a job - starts on the Arlington Heights. The bad news is that we will never be able to sell the house as the value has dropped almost 50% Congratulations on the show of yours!

Rosa Murillo said...

oh what a wonderful painting and such a fitting title! congratulations on your exhibit on Conscious Cup! I hope you sell everything!!!
I am sorry to hear about your husband's job, sadly, we are all on the same boat, we are all in pins and needles here in Charlotte. The stories you hear.... I bet half the town is out of work :(

Good luck on the exhibit! and yes! keep making series!!

Undaunted said...

Kathy, your painting is beautiful! Congratulations on the exhibit too!

I'm really sorry to hear about your husbands work situation. I hope he manages to either keep his job or find something else very soon. These are very stressful times for everyone.

I look forward to seeing more of your work until the next ballet!