Thursday, January 15, 2009

Classroom of Silence-working title along with my daughter Kaitie and my husband, we hung my gallery show. Naturally I forgot my camera but hopefully will rember this Saturday. I am pleased with the look.

Today was the coldest day in Illinois in about 10 years. My kids were home from school and after I hung the show, we came straight home and I buried myself in my studio. With a warm cup of coffee, my paint brushes, and music, I was content to spend three hours just collaging away. Here is the beginning of my piece that I think I will donate to my children's school for a fundraiser. I am always leery about donations because you just never know if people will bid on the work. I am not so insecure when my work is hanging in a gallery. People can choose to look at the works or choose to purchase a work. But with a fund raiser, you sort of have no choice on what you are bidding and sometimes feel like you have to bid. Maybe I am over thinking all of this but I do feel so insecure in this type of venue.

So this is a Catholic school. There are religious elements in this piece but I really want to convey a sort of inner quiet and peace one achieves through prayer. The working title is Classroom of Silence, in deference to Matthew Kelly. I am not sure exactly where I am going with the work and although I had parts of this piece in my mind before I started, the rest of it will have to come to life as I paint. The background is a patch work of papers and my children's art work. The figure is in the style of Redon (at lest I hope it is...I love Odilon. Redon, he is one of my favorite artists). I can't wait to see how this one unfolds...

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Undaunted said...

I look forward to seeing photo's of your exhibition!

For me, it's exhibiting that makes me feel insecure. I think I jumped into that too quickly, so I shall wait a while until I try again.

I'm sure everyone will love your donation.