Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She Bowed for Clara: Finished 10-14-08

As I stare at this finished work, I fell like my style is evolving again. Yes, and I think it is a good thing. I would like to say that I am growing, maturing...at least a little. My portraits are a tad more realistic and reveal more of how I am feeling. The small dragonfly was included in deference to a wonderful ballet instructior at Mrs. Svalander school. She has danced the Arabian number on and off for many years at our local venue. And we will be treated to another performance this year. I can't wait. This portrait looks nothing like her but it has her grace and elegance. The writing says: "And then a mysterious woman danced for me, so sensual and magical. When she was done, she bowed to me. She was so beautiful. "

And so it is time to move onto a new portrait. I want to interpret Clara from the Judith Svalander production of the annual Nutcracker. I want to use my own Claire as a model. I found an old photo of her dressed as a party child from the opening act. She is maybe 8 or 9. The original Clara from the E.T.A. Hoffman's book "The Nutcracker and Mouse King," was quite young...12 or 13: http://www.nutcrackerballet.net/html/nutcracker_story.html. I so love this profile of Claire so I think I will enjoy sketching it. I am hoping one day she will be Clara in the annual production. This is one way to will that. The piece is starting to come together in my brain. I want to get into Clara's dreams...experience how frightening the mice were, experience the magic of the Christmas Eve party and the mystery of Uncle Drosselmyer. I hope I can convey that in paint. I also want to add some of the magic I feel every time I go to the Nutcracker. I would say I have been to my share over 12 years!



Undaunted said...

I din't think you could make your painting more beautiful than it already was, but somehow you've managed it :)

Kari Gibson said...

Yay! It is great and I agree, I can see your work developing rapidly.

I particularly like the way you show the light on the left hand side of her face and body.

I also love the ideas you have for future work - go for it!

Do you like the work of Degas and his dancers?