Thursday, October 09, 2008

Found Art Tuesday 10-6-08: La Virgen

As I work on my larger pieces, I tend to get a little antsy waiting for things to dry. My studio always looks like a hurricane (category 5) hit it and so I will often pick up pieces of this and that and try to assemble them into quick ATCs (artists trading cards). These are often found art Tuesday items. It is really a good exercise because I give myself different challenges. This one was timed... five minutes to be exact. Sometimes the challenges have to do with color schemes, themes, drawing, etc... The humble ATC is a good venue for experiments and my goofy self imposed challenges. I left this one at a local coffee haunt. I think I will do something along Halloween or Dia de los muertes next.

And I just noticed a new widget or gadget on this blog. We can become followers of our favorite blogs. So cool. I was surprised to see that I had a follower. Thank you UNDAUNTED! Now I have to figure out how I can follow my favorites.



Kari Gibson said...

Ha! This is fabulous - I too get frustrated by drying times, so always have my trusty hairdryer to hand, lol. Glad you put your drying time to good use though.

I recognise that cute face in your follower widget!

(not sure what I think about this "follower" thing or "fans" in Facebook though, seems a bit, I dunno, showbizzy?)

Still, you deserve hundreds of followers - great work!

Undaunted said...

I can't believe that only took you 5 minutes! It's great! I always think your collages are so imaginative - I struggle to put things like that together even when I have bought a special kit with all the pre-cut bits of paper!

Yes Kari, that cute face is meee! :) I think the follower thing is just like using a "feed" thingy, to let you know when the person has posted. You can choose to either be a private follower or a public follower. I think it's nice to do it publicly because then the person knows that their blog is LOVED!!

Oh, and I use a hairdryer too!