Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nutcracker Mixed Media work: Arabian interpretation

I have a little over three weeks before I hang my next show. I was so hoping to finish two more new paintings. Unfortunately I spent most of my September "art" time working on a couple of logos and some volunteer work for our local library. Now it is crunch time. I really wanted to do a few more Nutcracker pieces as companions to my Snow Queen. I just started my interpretation of the Arabian piece from the ballet. This dance is very sensual and has an aire of mystery associated with it. The soloist is very self assured and alluring. I love the feel of this dance and have always wanted to pour my own creativity into a mixed media piece. Here she is in her humble beginnings. I have maybe 6 more working hours on her and then I think she will be ready to "clean up."


Kari Gibson said...

I am so glad to see you doing more of these, they are so successful. Good luck with the exhibition (two weeks to mine - eek!).

Mary Telfer Holden said...

Hi Kathy! It's been a long time... I'm almost caught up on your blog - is it my imagination or do you have a new look. I love the greens!!! And I love the idea of making more of the nutcracker series. I can see you've been really busy! Where is your next show?

Liz got a greyhound! Her name is Evie and she's wonderful. I'll make sure to have you over when she comes to visit.

Take care and talk soon,


Undaunted said...

Wha?? You mean this isn't finished? I think it looks absolutely wonderful. Her face is just lovely.