Thursday, May 15, 2008

Odilon Redon

Thank you all for giving it the old college try (so to speak). Here is the drawing by Odilon Redon that I was trying to "feel" in my own painting. I rediscovered Redon about two years ago at a big show in The Art Institute of Chicago. I had forgotten how wonderful and really weird his work is. Anyway..I was trying to capture his emotions as I did my Faith painting. I did not think anyone would guess him. My painting only slightly captures the mood. I am not so sure I would have guessed Redon either :) Thank you new and old followers. And Amy, your comments made me blush. You know I am a huge Rosa fan and I am blessed that she has "recommended" my blog on hers. I think as one of my paintings expressed."We are all in this together." A community of artists finding their way, reaching out, encouraging, and appreciating what we share.



Undaunted said...

Thanks for putting us out of our misery! I've never heard of him, and after looking at some of his work I wouldn't have guessed in a million years! Too many heads on spiders *shudders* Who would have thought he could draw something "normal"?? :)

I was looking down the Paul Cézanne route, so I was completely off track!

Now that I see them both together though, your depiction of it is lovely.

Rosa Murillo said...

Not only do I recommend Kathy's blog, it also has my seal of approval and my stamp of "ROSA'S BLOG CLUB" Ha, ha! I wish I had the power to give stamps of approval around! I would be such a snob!
Kathy, I think your re-interpretation is so interesting, I think it's a good exercise on creativity. I like how it look so much like your style even if you were inspired by another painting. Good work!
*this message is approved by Rosa!*

amy said...

I didn't know this artist either, love your interpretation. You have distinctly your own style that shows through beautifully.

I can't tell you how happy I am to have found you and Rosa and some of the other sites you both have linked. You are both so inspirational and my creative juices are flowing!


Undaunted said...

Hi Kathy. I saw that you commented on Rosa's blog about hanging your work this Thursday - do you have an exhibition? I hope you decide to blog about it, I'd love to know more. :)