Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Deed is Done 5-29-08

I am exhausted! It is 10:00 PM here in McHenry, IL. and it seems like I have been on my feet all day. This AM I assembled 18 of my works for transport the the Raue Center Gallery I packed our van and my husband and I got out of our subdivision when I noticed that I forgot my camera, purse, cell phone...You know, the important stuff. So back we went. I must have been really nervous because I was told to get it together (something like that) several times. We had a nice lunch at a Crystal Lake restaurant (almost next store to the gallery )and then it started to rain. I just knew this day would be less than perfect. We brought the works in and then we had an hour to kill.
Gosh the suspense was building all day and now I was about to burst. I really had no idea what to expect...Well that is not entirely true.

There is an excellent blog out there... and I have been reading the info there for some time. There is an excellent tutorial on how to hang your pictures ( but I sort of wrote it all off. It just seemed to complicated to me. Basically, the two shows that I have been in, I just sort of eyeballed everything. Boy was I in for a shock! It took 3.5 hours to hang the show! And I only had 18 works! And you know what, I am sure I could not repeat this again if I had to do it on my own! Anyway a wonderful Raue Visual Arts committee member met us there and he helped us hang the show. It involved a tape measure, string, and a level. To get the perfect measurements almost requires an advanced degree. I took a few pics and will post those later. Meanwhile, here is the last work that I did. She is called "Snow Queen" and she resides in the Nutcracker and my imagination.

K who is off to bed now!

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Rosa Murillo said...

Oh Kathy! I am so happy you are done and so proud that you hung you show!! The paintings all look amazing!! congratulations!!!
And by the way, hanging up a show is almost like rocket science, it looks much much simpler than what it actually is!
WOW! Did they take you out to celebrate? I hope you had Champagne!