Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Found Art Tuesday: Twist 1-29-08

The weather has been so strange in my neck of the woods. It certainly does not help my cold. I have been down and out with this cold for about 10 days now. It just won't let go of me. Today it was 46 degrees! And in outside of 25 minutes, it was 19. I hate this weather!

My art as of these last 10 days has been dismal. I just have not felt like painting. And so when Rosa returned to the net with a new theme, I did not feel too inspired. I worked a little on my Goodwill virtues in rhyme collage. But I soon grew tired from coughing. I really was going to by pass this weeks found art when I had an A HA moment. And here you have it. I altered a purple pen and twisted fibers and wire around the barrel. There are beads on it too. So that is my contribution this week. Maybe the sunflower will brighten some one's dreary winter day :)


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Anonymous said...

Kathy - I found your blog through Rosa's site which I only found by googling watercolor and acrylic. I love the idea of Found Art Tuesday. I can tell by what you wrote you're a nearby artist. I also live up here and have exhibited a couple of years ago at the Raue! Send me an email sometime: mary@telfleur.com