Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Place To Bark needs your dollars well, only 10 of them!

I have been meaning to donate to this cause for some time now. I finally got through... Bernie Berlin's shelter is quickly becoming nationally known. And that is such a good thing. Anything we can do to bring attention the basic needs of our animal companions and friends is so vital. You have all heard the figures....the horror stories of abandoned and tortured pets. So many are euthanized each year, too many are killed at the hands of their owners..all innocents. If I had any wits about me..I would have donated a mixed media piece to be raffled. But alas..I am really a "nobody." I am just a someone who loves animals and wants to help, even if it is only 10 dollars.

If you can spare the 10, you will be helping to build a new shelter...And the cries of joy by our furry friends will be heard around the country. Please help... click on the badge at the right to find out more. Bernie has till the 31st of this month to earn a matching grant, a big one. Every one's ten dollars helps.

When you go to Bernie's site you will find a list of very well known artists who have donated original works etc for raffles. That is just such a nice gesture by the art community. Having rescued three greyhounds, which are my passion, I can completely relate to this noble effort. God Bless you earth angel Bernie. There are so many fur kids who will never forget you!


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