Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in the Studio 1-14-08

It has been a very long break. After December hit, I barely had time to catch my breath. I did try to take some time to reflect on the true Christmas. Prayer time often eludes me...I always am too tired...but each Christmas I try to speak to my Maker and thank Him for my blessings. I also try to remember my own Christmas pasts. The wonder I felt the first time I saw a large creche. The joy I felt singing Christmas carols to the Christ Child... The excitement of taking a trip to State Street in downtown Chicago to see the windows at Marshall Field's, the smells of Christmas, cookies, candy canes, and the wait...the wait for Jesus to arrive in his manger, the wait for Santa... So much joy....

The tree is down, the creche put away, the cookies gone, and now I am ready to get back to it. I finished this work at the end of November but just this past week, sealed it and framed it. This is the second in the "Virtue in Rhyme" series called "Hope in her soul." It is a mixed media and collage work on illustration board. The framed size is 8 by 10. The next work is in progress and will be called "Goodwill doth impart." The 4th and last in the series is in my head :)
I also just completed a canvas entitled "Legacy Lost." The theme is very different for me but this was something that was inside of me for a long while. There is a lot of anger in the piece. Oh and I tried a new tool recommended by Rosa:http://rosamurillo.squarespace.com/rosa-murillo-journal/2008/1/4/and-the-instrument-of-the-week-is.html#comments.
I am still getting use to this thing but I can see where I will really use it! I was so tired of gel pens clogging every 5 seconds as I tried to write on my acrylic surface. I will try to post a scan of the work later.


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Rosa Murillo said...

I love this painting! I am so happy you got that tool, I use it all the time, I hope you enjoy it too. Happy new year!