Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Found Art Tuesday Topic for 11-7-06: Flower

Well I am really late on this one. I had no time from Friday up until about 2 PM today to work on any kind of art. I literally put this together in 15 minutes and it looks like it! It had been a while since I played with artist tissue paper, the kind that bleeds, and so this work incorporated tissue paper both into the background colors and main image. I topped off the piece with a variety of rubber stamped images. The piece is about 3 by 5 inches and is on a heavy glossy cardstock. I forgot how much fun it is to work with this type of tissue. So I think I will use it for the next couple of things that I do just to re-familiarize myself with it. As far as where I will leave this? Not sure yet but I will get it out tomorrow in my runnings around.


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Rosa Murillo said...

it doesn't look like a 15 minute project!, I love the button in the middle. I've never used this tissue paper, maybe I'll go get myself some... thanks K!