Thursday, November 09, 2006

Found Art Location for 11-7-06

After I picked up the children yesterday and dropped them at various activities and helped with home work (each child had 3 tests to study for,that would make a total of 9), I hit Panera Bread for a latte! I just wish it had something stronger in it! I left my flower work underneath (near the top) a stack of napkins in plain site (if you pick up a napkin). I could not stay because I had other things to do, like collapse on my sofa! Anyway. The kids have today and tomorrow off from school so we are working on some social study projects (creating Egyptian artifacts) and a family tree done in Spanish. Anything where we get to create is just great and these projects are right up my alley!
Looking forward to the next found art topic and getting some deco pages done!


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