Saturday, March 10, 2012

Twitter Art Exhibit and More: 3/10/2012

     Three months into the New Year and it seems like June (even though the weather says no way).  The month of January went by faster than I can even describe.  It was filled with summer intensive auditions for Colin and a movie premier called Life Lessons (both Colin and Claire were in this little short movie about a young girl coming of age through Stone and Camryn Ballet school in the sixties). Colin's auditions went fine.  He was accepted at both the American Ballet Theater's intensive in North Carolina and the Bolshoi's intensive in New York City.  We spent an agonizing two weeks doing some serious research and he did some serious reflection.  Both programs offered scholarships and Colin had a difficult time deciding which program would benefit him most at this stage in his training.  In the end, he made a decision on his own given all the facts presented to him and he decided that this was the time for adding serious Russian technique to his repertoire.  I think it was a good choice because this may be the only time he has to study with the Master Teachers from this world renowned company.    This is a 6 week program in New York City.  He will dance at Lincoln Center and I believe two other locations close by.  As a mother, I really nervous about this but I will have to get over it quickly.  I have tried to rationalize that it is really an opportunity of a lifetime and quite an honor to be asked to the program.  So in a few short month, we will send him off.

     Quite soon, over spring break, we are off to visit a few colleges, namely---Butler and Indiana University.  Colin wants to go directly to a company, he wants to get on with his career.  However, both myself and my husband want him to have a back up plan.....  Money for the arts is very limited and who knows what the situation will be like in a year or two.  Butler is already interested in him so I suggested we take a road trip. Both Butler and Indiana U have great ballet programs.  I hope Colin will be in the position to start down his career path but if that doesn't happen, college is a good thing.

     In art news, sadly there is little right now.  I did finish a very small series ( 3 by 6 inches, 3 in all) called moon over Chaco Canyon for David Sandum's Twitter Art Exhibit.  I did this charitable event last year and the exhibit raised about $3000 for children's books at the Moss library in Norway .  This year the sale of these small works will benefit the Woman's Crisis Center in Moss.  I am proud to be invovled in this event even though it is just in a very small way.  I had a fun time doing these.  The series came together with very little thought, I just did....  I do hope the sale is a success for David.  He puts so many hours and a lot of heart into it...  I wish I had so much energy!


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Very fine art post. I don't have much knowledge about art. but really my eyes surpass these words to my mouth to say "Waawo"

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