Monday, February 13, 2012

Belated Holiday Greetings

Yes, I did it again.  My poor blog has been totally neglected for far too long.  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and that the new year is off to a good start.  We flew through our holidays.  Nutcracker was a big success.  Colin and Claire brought it home in a big way.  Each year I fight for words that can describe my feelings and well, words just are not adequate.  Perhaps these pictures will tell it all.  I always have to mention the wonderful Dan Swinson.  He has a gift for capturing these dancers emotions.

I managed to clean our home in the short days following Nutcracker and then Christmas was here.  I cooked and a good meal and good time was had by all.  We were blessed to spend our Christmas Day with Grandpa.  He is in the late stages of Alzheimer's.  We know that each gathering is a precious one because time is cruel.  Marc's Dad may only have a short time or not...its a crap shoot and so terribly unfair.  

New Years was very quiet.  We spent it with neighbors who we have known for many years.  Our children have grown up together.  Great talk, good food, and wonderful people.  Who could ask for more.  I'm afraid our party days are sooo over.  Marc and I rang in New York's New years and then we drifted off...

I managed to teach a fun class at The Studio.  Our patrons are always so enthusiastic and each lady produced a lovely whimsical portrait even though many said they could not draw.  Ha, joke was on you :)))

And then our bubble burst.  Our dearest greyhound, Tigger, slipped on our tile floor and broke his shoulder (a pathological break) although we did not know that until the following day.  He did it on a Friday night when a snow storm was raging.  So we waited till morning.  I could tell he was in pain but he ate and drank normally.  We had to carry him up and down the stairs and carry him to do his business outside.  I knew in my heart of hearts it was not good.  I had the kids say good bye to him the next morning and I fed him a huge yummy breakfast.  Indeed I knew he would not be coming home because even though I did not have xrays to show the break, I knew what it was and I knew this kind of break was not good...osteosarcoma (bone cancer) is prevalent in his lineage...enough said.  The Xrays showed or confirmed what I feared and we chose to send him to the Bridge right then and there.  I will miss you Tigger.  You were my dearest hound.  

During all this, Colin auditioned for big company summer intensives.  He auditioned at the Bolshoi, American Ballet Theater, and Pacific Northwest Ballet (which we eventually decided to sit out of).  He was accepted to all with scholarships.  So a decision had to be made as to where he would go.  stay tuned...will update that a little later :))))


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